The Zionist Jew (Explained)

Jews have always been promised The Holy Land of Israel.

Now, they have it.

Did they receive it the way they should have?

Is it correct to be a zionist Jew?

Let us explain...

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What is Zionism?

Zionism is a movement believing that The Jewish People deserve to have their own state in their Promised Land, Israel.

The Jews connection to Israel dates all the way back to 869 BCE, thousands of years ago.

It actually dates back even further than that, The Torah says that G-d has promised us the land as an eternal inheritance.

Zionism and Judaism

Now, here is where we should clear some things up.

In Judaism, we believe Everything comes from, is owned by and is controlled by, G-d

Therefore, Israel does not belong to The Jews, it belongs to G-d

And since 1948, He has let The Jews come back to The Holy Land.

Rashi (Rabbi Shlomo Yitzhaki) has a Midrash commentary that will help clarify things.

Rashi's Question: "Why does The Torah start with The Creation of The World?"

If The Torah is a Book of Mitzvot (Commandments) telling Jews how to live life, then why did It not start with The First Commandment?

So, Rashi brings The Midrash and says, "If the nations of The World ever come and say that The Jews are conquerors, stole this land from the nations and are occupying The Land of Israel, then The Jews can explain that just like G-d Created The Whole Entire Universe, He Created The Land of Israel. And if He Took it from the goyim and Gave it to The Jews, He Has the permission to do that. Because it is His Land.

Rashi wrote this Midrash 1000 years ago and is quoting a Rabbi who is 1500 years before his time.

And in 1948, after 2000 years of only having a few hundred Jews in Israel, it is time for all Jews to come back home.

Are all Jews Zionists?

Well, let us first start by saying: There are different types of Jews.

When asking the question of: are all Jews Zionists?

It is easiest to split Jews up into: Religious and Non-Religious

Religious Jews will say that because it has taken over 2000 years to finally be given The Holy Land of Israel, G-d has given us This Land to do a job.

Being Given The Land of Israel is not to chill and get drunk on the beach.

It is to fulfill and observe The Torah.

And in Israel today, there are many Jews who are not living Torah Observant lifestyles.

Non-Religious Jews believe in Zionism. They believe that The Jews should have The State of Israel. However, when many Religious Jews were brought over to Israel back in 1948, they were sent to non-Religious Kibbutzim. And they were told that because Jews now have Israel, we do not need to be Religious anymore.

So, the issue that Religious Jews have with Zionism is that it was predicated on anti-Jewish values. And as alluded to earlier, you see today, a large majority of Jews living in Israel who are not Torah Observant.

Beyond that, Religious Jews do not agree with Zionism because The Torah says that Israel is The Land of The Jews. And Religious Jews believe and observe The Torah. Therefore, a movement to reiterate what is already explained in The Torah is not necessary.

Types of Zionism

The First Zionist Congress stated that they have nothing to do with Judaism and The Torah.

Rav Cook saw the Nekuda Tova (The Good Point) in everything, including Zionism. This is why, as a Rabbi, Rav Cook encouraged Zionism because it would mean Jews are Sovereign in their Land, again.

Rav Cook died in 1935 which was after Theodor Herzl but before The State of Israel becoming Independant in 1948.

There were a lot of Hasidic Jews who were 'Zionist' at the beginning of it's movements.

Now, the closest you have to Religious Jews being pro-Zionism is Chabad Jews.

So what happened to the Hasidic Jews who went from hanging out in kibbutzim, to being anti-Zionist?

Hasidic Jews, and Religious Jews, believe in The Torah. The Torah says that The Land of Israel belongs to The Jews. Therefore, their argument is that if The Torah says The Land of Israel belongs to The Jews, they don't believe 'The State of Israel' need to say it too.

To clarify anti-Zionistic Hasidic and Religious Jews, they agree with Jews having The Land of Israel, but not the other laws that rule and govern Israel.

Simply put: "Judaism is not defined by Zionism"

There you have it!

Overall, the message is: Let's Live in Peace.

Love always wins.

Till next time.


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