Jewish Tree of Life (Explained)

Moshe Rabbenu sent spies into The Land of Israel.


Moshe Rabbenu wanted to know if he was going in The Land of Israel or not.

Therefore, when he sent the spies he asked them:

"Did you see the tree of life?"

Let us explain...

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Meaning of The Jewish Tree of Life

Since Moshe Rabbenu knew he was not going to enter The Land of Israel, G-d elevated him spiritually, revealed to him the Hidden Light and showed him everything in Ruach Hakodesh

But when Moshe sent the spies, he wanted to know about a certain tree...

The Tree of Life.

Moshe Rabbenu knew that if The Tree of Life is revealed in The Land of Israel then he is going into Israel.

If the Tree of Life (Etz Chaim) is not revealed, he is not going into Israel.

This is what bothered him.

And as alluded to earlier, Moshe Rabbenu found out that The Tree of Life is not revealed in The Land of Israel.

The Tree of Life is placed in The Garden of Eden of This World. But, not in a revealed way so he knew the judgement already: he would not be entering The Land of Israel.

There is a difference between:

The Sephirot calls The Tree of Knowledge (Etz Hada'at) - Malkhut

The Berechiah said that there are two Trees: the male and the female in The Sephirot.

And then he continues and says one of these Tree's is a Tree that is Above.

This Tree is in The World of Atziluth, which contains in it: 6 Sephirot

And the Other Tree is Below.

But not below in This World. Below The Sephirot.

In other words: The Malkhut

So, The Tree of Life provides Life.

but what is The Malkhut?

This is the secret of 'Etz haDaat tov V'ra'

Which means these are The Sefirot of The Tree of life:

  1. Chochmah (Wisdom)
  2. Binah (Understanding)
  3. Da’at (Knowing)

Chesed is Unbounded Love
Gevurah is Strength of Boundaries
Tiferet is Beauty
Netzach is Victory
Hod is Surrender
Yesod is Foundation

This is rooted in The Tree of Life. So, you can get life, from The Tree of Life.

But, where can you get death from?

The Sefirah of Malchut.

And why is there a place for death in The Sefirah of Malchut?

Because the external part of Kedushah, is controlled by Klipa (evil)

Switching The Tree of Life

What happens when you take The Malchut and put it over The Tree of Life?

Taking The Tumah and putting it over The Kedushah?

The one who tries to switch The Tree of Life, brings to himself death in This World

Tree of Life Kabbalah

There was an individual who chopped wood on Shabbat.

Why did this individual desecrate Shabbat?

He wanted to prove that G-d is not messing around.

And because the penalty of desecrating Shabbat is death, and this individual ended up being stoned to death.

We know that fir everything that happens in This World, there is something that happens in The World Above.

So, what damage to The Tree of Life in The World Above did this individual do by chopping wood on Shabbat?

Rabbi Yossi Amar says that we have other Tree's in The World Above.

We are familiar with The Tree of Knowledge (Etz Hada'at) because Adam Ha-Rishon ate from it. Note: This does not mean he necessarily ate from the actual Tree. But it means that he bit off from The Tree of Knowledge (Etz Hada'at)

By this individual chopping wood on Shabbat, he was comparing the good and the bad from The Tree of Knowledge.

In the Kabbalistic way, when you prune a tree, you cut the edges to kind of clean it.


Because when you cut it, The Tree will grow better.

According to The Torah, if a person gets his punishment in This World, then he is atoned. And this individual was stoned to death for desecrating Shabbat.

Moshe Rabbenu knew that the sin was forgiven because the individual who desecrated Shabbat is in The Torah.

The individual is named Sof Chad.

How did Moshe know?

Because G-d Will Only Say The Name of a Rasha` (wicked person). He Will Only Say The Name of a Tzadik (righteous person)

There you have it!

The Tree of Life and what it means: Life

Till next time!


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