Jewish Torah (Explained)

The Torah was given to The Jews directly from G-d

It is the Blueprint to Life

It is so complex and exact that It is impossible to ever 'finish' Learning The Torah.

Allow us to explain The Power of Torah and how It can change your life for the better.

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What is The Torah?

As explained in the introduction, The Torah is Blueprint for Life on Earth.

It holds everything you need to know in order to live the best life today, and to have a place in the World to Come.

The Torah must only be exposed with love and fun.

The Torah is Written by a Sofer which is Hebrew for Scribe.

It takes around one year for a Torah Scroll to be Written

And The Torah Contains The Truth We Have in This World

The Word Torah comes from The Word in Hebrew ירה which means 'to teach'

Moshe Rabbeinu received the Whole Torah on Mount Sinai and then he gave That Torah to Joshua.

The Torah that Moshe Rabbeinu received contains both the Written and Oral Torah

Moshe Rabbeinu spent 40 days and 40 nights on Mount Sinai with G-d and He gave him the 613 Mitzvot (Commandments) with their interpretation. But The Stories in The Torah that happen after Mount Sinai did not happen until they happened

So this raises the question: When Was The Torah Written Down?

This is a machloket in the Gemara.

Was The Torah Written Down in a Peace-Meal Way - Meaning after every event, HaShem Dictated to Moshe Rabbeinu 'Write This Down'

Meaning, there was not a 'Completed Sefar Torah' until the end of Moshe Rabbeinu's life, 40 years later.

So, this idea is that The Torah was given in Megillas (Scrolls) a litte bit at a time.


There's another opinion that says:

The Torah was not Written Down at all... until the very last day of Moshe Rabbeinu's life.

Chazal's say that on the last day of Moshe Rabbeinu's life, he wrote 13 Sefar Torah

Under this opinion, if Moshe Rabbeinu wrote 95% of The Torah when he was on Mount Sinai with G-d then stories following Mount Sinai would be around 5% of The Sefar Torah and could be Written in One Day.

But, there is an opinion that suggests Moshe Rabbeinu wrote 13 Complete Sefar Torah on the last day of his life.

But, Chazal says that Moshe Rabbeinu died on Shabbat

So, how could Moshe Rabbeinu write on Shabbat? (As it is not permitted to write on Shabbat)

And Chazal says that he did not break Shabbat as The 13 Sefar Torah were created in a Miraculous Way

Rav Hirsch notes that The Oral Law is older than The Written Law. Meaning there was no Complete Sefar Torah until the day of Moshe Rabbeinu's death

Therefore, during the 40 years in the desert, there was only The Oral Torah, but The Written Torah was The Oral Torah too.

So, when we say: "Moshe Got The Torah on Mount Sinai, it does not mean he got The Sefar Torah at Mount Sinai. But it means, HaShem gave him the 613 Mitzvot.

Last 8 Passages in The Torah

There is another machloket (argument of a Halachic issue) about Who Wrote The Last 8 Passages in The Torah?

What is so special about The Last 8 Passages?

The Last 8 Passages in The Torah Write about Moshe Rabbeinu's death.

One opinion is that Moshe Rabbeinu did not Write Those Last 8 Passages.

Those Last 8 Passages Were Written by Joshua. This is amazing to hear as The Rambam counts as One of the 13 Principles of Faith that Every Single Letter in The Torah was inscribed by Moshe Rabbeinu עַל פִּי (according to) G-d

And, it turns out that one opinion in The Gemara says this is not entirely true as The Last 8 Verses were Written by Joshua

Please note that this is one opinion.

Another opinion is that Moshe Rabbeinu did write The Last 8 Verses. But, he wrote The Last 8 Verses בדמעות 'in tears'

Why was Moshe Rabbeinu crying approaching death? Considering The Life of The World To Come he was going to receive?

Because one you are in Olam Ha-Ba (The World To Come) you are sort of frozen. Frozen in the sense that whatever you earned in This Physical World, you receive but there is no further opportunity to receive more. It's like you are looking through The World in a thick pane of glass, and you are seeing all the Mitzvot people can do and gain for The World To Come, but you are not able to do it and 'the wall' is unbreakable. And that is a reason why Moshe Rabbeinu may have cried, because This Physical World is The World of Opportunity.

The Vilna Gaon gives a great commentary on this Verse where instead of translating בדמעות as 'in tears' it can mean 'a jumble'

Here is the Peshat (explanation):

On One Hand, HaShem Wants Every Letter of The Torah To Be Written By Moshe Rabbeinu

On The Other Hand, Moshe Rabbeinu Cannot Write A Lie

There Cannot Be One Letter or Word In The Torah That is Not True

So, how can Moshe Rabbeinu write The Last 8 Verses?

The Vilna Gaon says, Moshe Rabbeinu did Write The Last 8 Verses of The Torah as a jumble. Essentially, an unbroken sequence of letters which were not divided up into Words until Moshe Rabbeinu died. That way, you are accomplishing two, otherwise, impossible jobs.

Every Letter in The Torah was put there by Moshe Rabbeinu, and nothing was ever false.

Now, what type of Torah is an unbroken sequence of letters?

The Original Torah in Heaven.

The Gemara (Jewish Text) tells us that The Torah existed 2000 Generations before the Creation of The World.

And it Was Written in Black-Fire on top of White-Fire.

Now, what did The Torah say before The Creation of The World? It was an unbroken, sequence of letters.

So, Moshe Rabbeinu wrote The Last 8 Verses, in The Form, that The Torah took, in It's Original State, Before The World Was Created.

The Vilna Gaon says that every person's history can be deduced from the First Word in The Torah:

בְּרֵאשִׁית "in a beginning"

What Happens If There is a Mistake in The Torah?

As explained in our Mezuzah Article, if a Scribe writes an incorrect word in The Mezuzah, unless it was the last letter, everything else has to be erased and if there is The Name of HaShem Written Down then it cannot be erased so The Mezuzah needs to be re-written

Thankfully, this is not the same Halacha (Jewish Law) for A Sefar Torah

A Sefar Torah does not need to be Written in order.

Consequently, if there is a mistake in The Middle of The Torah, a scribe can fix that mistake and everything wrote down after the mistake remains valid.

Understanding The Torah

The first thing to understand is that The Torah is The Truth

And if anybody goes against The Torah or tries to apply anything that is not The Torah, this is a form of idol worship.

The Torah was Given to us to teach us everything.

If you take anything in This World and find a Source for it in The Torah, it means it is permitted. Unless of course, the source it is not permitted.

And if you cannot find a source for something in The Torah then it is simply not true.

Now here is the problem:

This World Was Created with a Concealment of The Truth

Which is why The Word 'World' in Hebrew is Olam. Olam means a Concealment

Every word in Hebrew has a meaning behind them because it is expressing its essence. And the word Olam expresses that The World is Concealed.

Concelaed of what?

It is Concealed of The Truth

And The Truth is G-d

Now, The More The Light of G-d is Concealed, the stronger the confusion is.

To further explain, we know some things are naturally very obvious.

For example:

Going deeper, what is obviously bad about eating a pig vs. eating a sheep?

A human mind cannot understand the difference between eating these two animals. But The Torah clearly states the differences in eating Kosher Meat vs. Non Kosher Meat.

And because you cannot see the difference between eating the pig and the sheep, you have The Torah to explain it for you.

Torah and Exile

In Todays World, there are such deep concealments of the truth that what is true and false is almost identical.

This is called exile.

We are in exile right now... why?

Because we do not see the reality how it is.

Exile is not about being exiled from a land.

Exiled is a State where you are Seperated From The Source

Our Source and The Only Source is G-d

And anyone who seperates themselves from Their Source is living a lie and a life of emptiness. When their time is up on this World, they will feel the seperation from their Source.

This is not about Jews or non-Jews, because G-d is The Source of Everything.

In The Eyes of G-d, A Jew, A non-Jew and a dog are all the same thing.

It's a creation.

One might be on a higher level than another but there is no difference between us.

When you seperate yourself from The Source, you cut the Life-Line and you are in exile.

How Do You Study The Torah?

People learn for 50-60 years to understand the depth of The Torah

If you have a legal issue, you go to a qualified lawyer.

Likewise, if you want to study The Torah, you need to go to someone who has the experience and understanding of all the hidden messages inside The Torah

And if the Rabbi is honest,he will explain that you need to Keep The Torah 100%

There are two chambers in The Heavens, a chamber of Purity and a chamber of impurity.

So it is important to know which chambers you are pulling energy from.

Because there are 'Rabbis' who have the long beard and wear the black suit but their teachings may be coming from a place of impurity.

And when people pull from this chamber of impurity, it leads to depression because inside, they are empty.

The only way to Pull Light into their lives if following The Torah 100%

If you channel yourself to The Source of Life then it will manifest into your life.

Ok. To conclude. The only truth is The Torah.

And anything that comes in your way that does not collaborate with The Torah is fake.

Then, if you don't follow The Torah, even if you have some success stories in This World, you will have to deal with the junk in The World To Come.

The Torah will let you distinguish between what is a truth and what is a lie.

Till next time!


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