Jewish Ten Commandments (Explained)

The Way of Life.

It could not be more clear.

Follow and Obey The Ten Commandments.

Let us explain what They are and what They mean:

1) Belief in G-d

When HaShem Gave Moshe Rabbenu The 10 Commandments, The First Commandment Said on The Right Tablet:

"I Am Your G-d"

In English, this does not give justice to The Saying.

There are Three Level's in G-d'ly Revelations:

There are even higher levels than Enoch.

If you look at Two Tablets that The Ten Commandments were Given As, you Have 5 on One Side and 5 on the Other Side.

What would be across from The First Commandment? Commandment number 6: Do Not Murder.

This means these Two Commandments have a connection.


Because if a person murders a human being, he is diminishing The Image of G-d

This is why murder is so severe. Because we are all made in G-d's Image

2) Do Not Worship Idols

The moment a person does not trust G-d even if it is a tiny amount, is considered worshipping idols.


Because you are not believing in G-d and you believe that you can influence change with your actions.

In Parashat Re'eh of The Torah, It is talking about going in The Land of Israel, but before you go enter, you need to destroy all the idol worship.

Then, you go into Israel, and THEN you go and break all the statues.

But to get to the level of first going to Israel which is symbolising a state of freedom and redemption, you must clear the idol worships.

Idol worship is not about going on the floor and starting to bow.

If you do not have 100% trust in G-d and that Everything comes from G-d then that is idol worship. Because you believe that you have some kind of power or effort to make a change.

Anything that is not The Torah, is idol worship.

3) Do Not Say G-d's Name in Vain

In the modern day, constantly you will hear people say HaShem's Name in a sentence where you question if it was needed to be said.

Meaning, HaShem is So Holy that you must be aware of when you are saying His Name.

And again, if you look at Two Tablets that The Ten Commandments were Given As, you Have 5 on One Side and 5 on the Other Side.

What would be across from The Third Commandment? Commandment number 8: Do Not Steal.

This means these Two Commandments have a connection.


Because if a person is a thief, there is a very high possibility that he is a liar.

Imagine this scenario:

Interrogator: "Did you steal it?"

Thief: "No... I don't know what you're talking about"

Interrogator: "But the $10,000 is missing?"

Thief: "Really...? It's missing? Wow, who took it?"

This example shows that if a person is a thief, it is most likely that he is also a liar.

4) Keep Shabbat

We have an entire article about keeping Shabbat here and once you start to keep it, you begin to see how powerful and Holy it really is.

It is worth mentioning that the fact it is Commandment Number 4, it does highlight how important and Holy Shabbat is.

5) Honour Your Parents

A child must honour and respect their parents.

This expands into loving, respecting and listening to their guidance in life and it should be alligned with The Torah.

6) Do Not Murder

Murder is so severe because when there is a murder in This World, the spilling of the blood below, goes to The Man Above.

When Moshe Rabbenu Wrote The Torah, he had to relate to everything that The Torah says.

And when Moshe Rabbenu was Told, "Do Not Murder" he had to imagine in his mind, thousands and thousands forms of murder.

This is why when Moshe Rabbenu was able to answer anybody when he came down from Heaven because he was able to relate to it and give the right answer.

7) Do Not Commit Adultery

The person who is committing adultery is usually committing adultery with a physical organ for pro-creation.

So, the sin is then marked on the organ and this is the damage that it does.

When a baby boy has a Brit Milah, it forms a Covenant between the baby boy and G-d

Therefore, part of HaShem's Name is marked on the place of the circumcision.

And if a person commits adultery, they are going against The Commandment of G-d

Even if the person committing adultery does not have a child from the affair, he is placing souls in a foreign women.

8) Do Not Steal

In The Book of Mishlei written by Shlomo Hamelech, Chapter 29 it says:

"A person who is sharing with a thief, hates his soul"

Even if you know who is the thief and don't say anything, then it means you are still participating in the theft.

And you can lose your soul from this.

This is why you are also not allowed to buy stolen merchandise.

9) Do Not Lie and Deceive Your Neighbour

What was the cause for the destruction of The Beit Hamikdash?

And how are we different now?

Back when The Beit Hamikdash was destroyed, it was for one murder and one individual who was jealous at one person.

In today's society, we are far worse but we do it with our mouths.

Sages say in The Talmud: "Life and Death is in The Hands of The Tongue"

The tongue can kill. One wrong sentence can kill a person's career.

And you may not do it but if you don't condemn it, participate in it or agree with it then unfortunately, you are just as guilty.

So, 2600 years later, we have not changed, yes Jews will fast to remind themselves of the pain but we need to learn from our mistakes.

According to Halacha and most opinions, exaggerating is also a lie.

10) Do Not Be Jealous of Your Neighbour

Be happy with your portion.

Jealously is such a disgusting sin and you are actually hurting HaShem's Feelings.

It is the same concept of not respecting and honouring your parent.

And being jealous shows a big lack of Emunah (Faith) in The Master Creator of The Universe.

Also a lack of gratitude.

You should be aware of your bad qualities and understand that you are not better than anybody else.

And any person around you can teach you something.

Look at everyone and try to learn from every person.

What Shape are The Ten Commandments Tablets?

The Talmud (Jewish Text) says specifically that The Tablets containing The Ten Commandments were a rectangle.

There you have it!

The Ten Commandments.

Listen to Them, and obey Them.

And constantly check in with yourself that you are fulfilling them to the highest level possible.

Till next time!


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