Jewish Synagogue (Explained)

The Holy Place of Prayer.

Where Jewish Communities come together and praise The Master Creator

Let's dive into all things Jewish Synagogues:

What is a Synagogue?

A Synagogue (also known as Shul) is a Holy Place for Jews to Pray.

As well as Prayer, Synagogues are a place for groups of Jews to learn Torah

Inside a Synagogue, there will be lots of Siddurs (Jewish Prayer Books) and an area for men and women to sit.

In the Front of the Synagogue, there will be:

What is a Bimah?

A Bimah is a raised platform where Jewish men will stand behind when reading The Torah

This is where 13 Year Old Jewish Boys will read from when they have their Bar-Mitzvah.

After Synagogue Service, The Rabbi from the Community of The Synagogue will deliver a Dvar Torah

What is a Dvar Torah?

A Dvar Torah is someone's thoughts and lessons learnt from a particular Portion in The Torah. Typically, a Dvar Torah happens each week when each Passage is Read.

What is A Holy Ark (Aron Kodesh)?

The reason a Synagogue has a Holy Ark (Aron Kodesh) is to protect The Torah

The Torah is so precious for Jews and it is so Holy that It needs to be protected and guarded.

Synagogue Seating Arrangements

In most Synagogues, men and women will sit seperately.

The women will be further back or if it is a large Synagogue, on the first floor, overlooking the ground floor.

The men will sit at the front of the Shul as the men will take The Torah out of the Ark and Read from It.

Why Use a Synagogue?

There are many different ways to answer the question.


First of all, 10 Jewish Men are required to be together for Certain Jewish Prayers.

The name for 10 Jewish Men coming together to Pray is called a Minyan.

Logically, the group of 10 Men will meet at The Synagogue to do the Prayers that require a Minyan.


The second reason is for community.

A big part of being Jewish is participating in a Jewish Community.

As part of being in a Jewish Community, you attend Synagogue on Saturday Mornings.

You may also visit the Synagogue for guest speakers and other Community events.

A Synagogue is a place for Jews to unite and practise Judaism together.

Study Torah

A Torah Scroll is extremely expensive and will be kept in The Synagogue.

Also, when Studying Torah, it is nice to Study Torah with friends and really discuss topics and ideas with each other.

Meeting at The Synagogue is a great place for Jewish Men to Study Torah.

What Happens At a Synagogue?

On Shabbat, Jews will go to their Local Synaogugue for The Shabbat Service.

The Service will be on Saturday Morning and it will start off with Praying

After Prayers, 2 men will help open the Holy Ark

Once opened, The Torah will be taken out of The Holy Ark and carried around the Male section of the Synagogue for Men to kiss it

Then either The Rabbi or a nominated man will undress The Torah and take off the case for It

The Torah is then placed on The Bimah and The Weekly Torah Portion will be read.

If it is a Bar-Mitzvah, once the boy has finished his Torah Reading, the congregation will throw sweets (candy) at him to celebrate becoming a man!

After The Torah reading is finished, there will be a Kiddush featuring a beautiful range of nosh.

Once Kiddush is Recited, usually by the Rabbi, then members of the community will chat with other members while nibbling on herring, wafer biscuits or possibly even more sweets (candy)!

After noshing, members will either walk home or go to a friends house in the community to further relax and spend quality time, with quality people, in real life!

How Many Windows in a Synagogue?

According to Kabbalah,if you are building a brand new Synagogue, you have to build 12 windows in the Synagogue.


Because there are 12 Gates in Heaven.

And the Kabbalisticapproach to a Synagogue is that anyone who walks to a Synagogue should have their Prayers heard in Heaven.

So, you need 12 windows to act as 12 Gates where the Prayers will go up from.

What do you wear to a Synagogue?

The dress code is formal.

Men wear suits and women will wear modest clothing, not revealing any skin.

There you have it!

Jewish Synagogues explained.

Synagogues are extremely Holy and a special time to strengthen your relationship with The Master of The Universe


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