Jewish Prayer Shawl (Explained)

"What is that towel that Jews wrap themselves in when they Pray?"

Well, let us explain what the Jewish Prayer Shawl is and why Jews wear it when they Pray.

Let's dive in:

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What is a Jewish Prayer Shawl?

A Jewish Prayer Shawl is called a Tallit (Tallis)

The Jewish Prayer Shawl is worn by Jewish Men during Prayer.

It is most commonly made out of Wool and in a base color of white with black stripes.

There are four corners on the Tallit and each corner has Tzitzit.

What are Tzitzit?

Tzitzit is Hebrew for "fringes"

Wearing Tzitzit is a Commandment by HaShem for Men to constantly remind them of The 613 Jewish Commandments that are followed.

The Commandment can be fulfilled by either: wearing Tzitzits as an Under-Garment all day, or wearing The Tallit (Tallis) during Shacharis (Morning Prayers)

There is a famous story in the Talmud (Jewish Book) about a Sage who was on his way to do a severe sin of forbidden relations. He was married and on his way to see a women (who was not his wife) and potentially do a very severe sin with this women.

The story says that when he took his clothes off, his Tzitzit went flying into his face and smacked him in his face.

And when the Tzitzit smacked him in the face, he suddenly got his act together and realised that he was about to commit a very severe sin and it managed to prevent the sin from happening.

Why Wear a Jewish Prayer Shawl?

The reason Jewish Men wear a Tallit (Tallis) is to wrap themselves in The Glory of G-d

Since the Tzitzit remind us of The 613 Jewish Commandments, Men will wrap themselves in the Tallit (Tallis) to spiritually absorb all the Greatness of Every Commandment Given by G-d

Another reason is to humble themselves.

When Jewish Men wear a Tallit (Tallis) they are reminding themselves that There is A Master Creator to The World Who Controls Everything.

When a Jewish Man can humble himself and dissolve his ego, he opens up space for Hashem to Shine through him.

Jewish Prayer Shawl Cost

The cost of a Jewish Prayer Shawl will vary depending on who you purchase it from.

It is highly encouraged to check who the seller of The Jewish Prayer Shawl is.

Because this is a very Holy Garment, it must be made correctly and also by someone who understands all the Special details that need to be accounted for.

The average price for a Jewish Prayer Shawl is around $100

However, it is not uncommon to see some Jewish Prayer Shawls with beautiful tapestry and at a price of over $300!

There are many Jewish, Reputable Stores that a Jewish Prayer Shawl can be purchased from, online and in-person.

Shorter article but we hope it helped answer why Jews wear a Prayer Shawl and the significance it has in Judaism.

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