Jewish Race (Explained)

How have the Jewish Race survived all of the attempted persecutions against them?

Faith (Emunah)

In The Master of The Universe.

Let us explain to you about the Jewish Race:

Who are the Jewish Race?

The Jewish Race are The Chosen People.

That does not mean Jews are better than others.

It means that Jews are the Chosen Race that have to do extra things for G-d in order to bring the redemption.

Non-Jews are Commanded to keep the Seven Laws of Noahide.

Jews are Commanded to keep 613 Mitzvot.

Both Jews and righteous Non-Jews have a place in the coming Redemption.

Why Is It The Jewish Race?

The best way to explain is this to share Rabbi Alon Anava's near death experience.

In this near death experience, it made him go from being not religious at all, to a Torah Observant, religious Jew.

He starts off by saying there are no words to explain what he saw when he went up to heaven (He was clinically dead for 7 minutes)

What he means by this is: it was not about what he saw with eyes.

Because the soul does not have eyes.

Only our bodies needs eyes in order to communicate in this world and the eyes are just a tool that the body uses.

But the soul doesn't have an eye.

The soul uses a much higher level of intelligence and communication.

It is called The Level of 'Yediah' (understanding / comprehension)

For example, if a person wakes up and has a headache. How can he explain to his friend that his headache 'hurts' him?

His friend would not be able to argue:

"No I disagree with you, you don't have a headache"

Because that would be crazy, right?

So, when Rabbi Alon Anava had his near death experience, he accounts that he saw all the Jewish Commandments, The Torah and everything.

And when he came back alive, without being religious his entire life, he suddenly started to study Judaism and remembered seeing it when he went to heaven.

It is easier to explain it as:

How can someone go from being not religious at all for 27 years, and then suddenly after one near death experience they become completely religious in one year?


And when the truth is out in the open, nothing can stand in front of the truth.

Meaning of The Jewish Race

The Jewish Race will never be destroyed.

After all the attempted persecutions, Jews are still alive and well today.

You can always tell a Jew.

Both a non-Jewish and a Jewish person would be able to tell if someone is Jewish.

Because if you are Jewish. It means you are Jewish. No matter what.

So, the meaning of The Jewish Race is to adhere to Jewish Laws and Principles.

Where do you find these Laws?

In The Torah

The Torah has the answers for everything you need.

It holds the secrets to living a true and honest life according to Jewish Principles.

But, The Torah is not only for Jews.

The Torah is for all nations.

And this is something that can often be forgotten.

But it is actually The Jews responsibility to spread Torah to everyone.

Jewish Race Origin

If we trace everything back to the start.

G-d created The World in 6 days.

And on the 7th day, He Rested.

The Jewish People started with Abraham (Avraham)

All Three of the Jewish Forefathers: Avraham, Yitzchak and Yaakov were not Jews by descent but by choice.

Then, only from Yaakov and onwards were all children Jews.

As alluded to earlier, The Jews have faced numerous challenges and obstacles along their thousands of years on Earth. But every time Jews have come out victorious.

And the next challenge is a challenge that everyone in the world is facing... But the good news is, this time, Moshiach is coming.

There you have it.

The Jewish Race.

A beautiful history and a long journey to reach this point.

Over thousands of years, Jews have seen many challenges but with Emunah, have been able to come out the other side.

Till next time!


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