Jewish Rabbis - Everything You Need To Know

Jewish Rabbis teach Jews the Wisdom of The Torah.

It is with this wisdom,

That allows Jews to be better and raise kids in a Torah Observant Lifestyle.

No Human is without challenges.

But a Rabbi helps navigate life's challenges,

Through The Way of Torah.

What is a Rabbi?

Rabbi is a Hebrew Word that translates to:

"My Master"

A Rabbi is a Teacher who studies Jewish Law extensively and then teaches to their community.

It is important to mention that Jewish Law is a very large topic and for many subjects, the answer to certain questions can require research into Jewish Texts.

This is being mentioned because not every Rabbi has to know every answer.

There are cirriculums that the Rabbi must know, however it is common for Rabbis to consult with other Rabbis and research Jewish Texts to answer specific questions.

History of Rabbis

Rabbis have been around for thousands of years.

Jewish Sages were presented the title of Rabbi from the Land of Israel.

Early Rabbis played huge roles in interpreting many Jewish Texts and provide incredible insight to deeper spiritual meanings.

How Many Rabbis are there today?

Today, there are around 2500 Rabbis all over the world.

Becoming a Rabbi

If you wanted to become a Rabbi, the first step would be ensuring that you are Jewish.

The process of converting to Judaism is a whole article in itself, so we will elaborate on the process of conversion at a later date.

Once you are Jewish, you will begin Rabbinical Studies at a Yeshiva.

What is Yeshiva?

Yeshiva is a Jewish Higher Education Institution.

It educates Jews in High Level Torah Study.

Going to Yeshiva does not mean you become a Rabbi.

Many Jews study at Yeshiva for 2-3 Years and then take up a normal job afterwards.

How Long Does it Take to Become a Rabbi?

The length of Rabbinical Study will depend on the Yeshiva and the course that the student chooses. Typically, it will take 3-6 years to become a Rabbi.

Although students may study for a longer period of time and/or study part time which would make the length longer.

What is the Rabbinical Curriculum?

The curriculum for becoming a Rabbi will involve:

For those who are not familiar with Jewish Studies, the simple explanation to the standard curriculum laid out above is:

The Struggles of Being a Rabbi

Once a Rabbi has successfully passed all the Rabbinical Studies to become a Rabbi, it does not mean they are guaranteed a job.

Rabbis earn an income based on the community they serve in.

As a result of this, most Rabbis aim to serve an affluent western community.

The competition for these communities are high and as a result, many Rabbis find themselves serving in smaller communities and the income is always luxurious.

Once a Rabbi joins a community, it does not mean they stay there forever.

Many Rabbis move to different communities around the world if a suitable role appears.

However, it is important to note that not every Rabbi is 'successful' in monetary terms. Many compete to serve in affluent communities.

That being said, there is an argument to say that a Rabbi should not be focussed on money and rather, educating Jews about the Jewish Religion...

How do Rabbis Get Paid?

As alluded to earlier, Rabbis are paid through communal donations from the community they teach in.

Consequently, the more 'well off' the community is, the more they will likely take home as a salary.

What is the Average Salary for a Rabbi?

The average salary for a Rabbi is $44,000.

However, there are Rabbis making a lot more than this. There are also Rabbis making a lot less than this.

The Work Schedule of a Rabbi

Rabbis will typically work 9-5 on four weekdays.

Then they will also work on Friday Night, Whole of Saturday and also some Sundays too.

There are no 'set hours' as Rabbis may also provide Bar Mitzvah lessons and counselling too.

Some Rabbis work all day, everyday. It really depends on their community and other Jewish endeavours they do.

Famous Rabbis

There are many famous Rabbis that the list would go on for a very long time. Here are a list of some Famous Rabbis:

There you have it!

Everything you need to know about Jewish Rabbis.

Till next time!


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