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There are a lot of short and direct questions we see on Google around the topic of Judaism so we figured it is easier to just address them all in this article for you. Enjoy!

Why do Hasidic Jews have two chairs or more on their front porch?

Hasidic Jews will have chairs on their front porch because they socialise regularly.

An example of this is when a group of Hasidic Jewish Men are going to Pray in a Minyan, they might meet at one of their houses before they go. While they are waiting, they might sit out on their front porch to see when their friend arrives.

Can a Hasidic Jew own a pizza shop as a investment even if it is not kosher?

No. A Jew cannot be involved in selling non-Kosher food in any capacity.

Even if it is an investment, in this scenario they would be facilitating people to eat non-Kosher which is against Jewish Law.

Which side do men sit on in Jewish Orthodox temple?

In a Jewish Orthodox Temple, men and women sit seperately.

The Men will sit at the front as they will be taking and holding the Torah from the Ark.

In some Temples, there are two stories and the women in that case would sit on the first floor, over looking the men who are sitting on the ground floor.

Is it true that a group of Hasidic Jewish people are buying Nostrand Sheepshead nycha?

No. Hasidic Jewish people own properties but they are not "buying" Nostrand Sheepshead.

What does a Hasidic home visit consist of?

A Hasidic home will have a large dining table to host Friday Night Dinners on with Family and Friends of the community.

It will also have two seperate beds for the husband and wife to sleep on as they avoid contact during the wifes cycle.

How long does money circulate in the Hasidic community?

Hasidic Jews work just like you and me.

There are Hasidic Jews who own Kosher Farms and therefore, some Jews will work on the farms around the community and sell the Kosher produce in shops too.

Why so many people at a Hasidic weddings?

A Hasidic Jewish wedding is a Simcha (Jewish celebration).

Because of this, it is not uncommon for Friends and Family in the community to come and celebrate the joyous occasion.

There are usually loose rules on who can or can't attend so it is not a suprise to see a huge turnout to a Hasidic wedding!

Are Hasidic men aloud to touch their wife's breast during sex?

Hasidic men have normal sexual interactions with their wife.

If the wife consents then yes, it is allowed.

Which days/times are Hasidic people allowed to leave their house?

Hasidic Jews can leave their house at any time on any day.

There are some Jewish Laws on Shabbat (Sabbath) and Jewish Festivals that prohibit certain acts such as carrying.

This is why you might often see Jews with a keyring on their trousers with their keys so they are not physically carrying it.

What is the name of the episode where a Hasidic mother becomes drug dependant?

"Locked Up Abroad" Series 8 - Episode 3. "Hasidic King of Coke" (TV Episode 2012)

What sect of Hasidim does the Saunders family belong to in the chosen?

The Saunders family in the TV Show "The Chosen" are potrayed as Hasidic Jews. Hasidic Jews are a sect of Judaism and not a sect of Hasidim.

Best place to buy house if not Orthodox or Hasidic in Rockland NY?

Pomona or West Haverstraw.

What are the reviews for these new videos about the Hasidim?

Positive. They live simple lives away from the rest of soceity. They do not cause trouble and are actually really friendly if you are open to getting to know them.

If Adam and Eve had consequences for eating the fruit in the garden. Why do Hasidic teachings teach to risk everything for wisdom?

Hasidic teachings do not teach us to risk everything for wisdom. Hasidic Jews fear G-d and Observe his Commandments. Their results show that they are far more happy than the average individual with a deeper purpose to life, with happier marriages and many, many more kids!

Why do Hasidic men wear white cloth over their under shirts?

Tzitzit are the white cloth Hasidic Jewish men wear under their shirts. Tzitzit remind the Jews of the 10 Commandments and to obey G-d at all times.

Why are Hasidic communities always full of trash and children’S toys littered on the streets?

It is not Hasidic communities that are always full of trash and children’S toys littered on the streets. Rather it is societies where Hasidic communities also happen to live that is full of trash and children’S toys littered on the streets. No doubt it is something that needs to be improved but it is not Hasidic communities specifically that cause these issues.

How many Orthodox rabbis will graduate in 2022?

It is estimated that 72 Orthodox rabbis will graduate in 2022.

Is there a n Orthodox synagogue in Dover MA?

Yes. Bikur Cholim Machzikay Hadath

Is there an Orthodox synagogue at the Winston Towers?

Near the Winston Towers there is an Orthodox Synagogue named: "Delray Orthodox Synagogue"

Do Orthodox Jews Have Sex Through a Sheet?

No! Orthodox Jews have normal sex lives just like everybody else. They do not have sexual intercourse through a sheet.

Are Orthodox Jewish Marriages Arranged?

No. Orthodox Jewish Marriages are not arranged. The community may suggest people to each other but ultimately the final decision will come down to the man and women if they want to marry each other.

Can Orthodox Jewish First Cousins Marry?

There is nothing that says Orthodox Jews cannot marry their first cousins although this is not common.

Can Orthodox Jewish Drink Alcohol?

Orthodox Jews can drink alcohol but it is not common to get really drunk. Aside from some Jewish Festivals where drinking is custom!

Can Orthodox Jewish Divorce?

Yes. Orthodox Jews can get divorced. The process is known as "Get".

When an Orthodox man wants to get divorced he gives his wife a "Get" and that is the official document that dissolves their marriage. When an Orthodox women wants to get divorced, she has to receive a "Get" from her husband.

99.9% of the time the "Get" is given with no problem because the husband does not want to be with her either. If the husband refuses to give a Get then the communuity will go as far as driving the husband out of the community.

Why do Jews Rock when they Pray?

Jews rock when they pray because their soul is literally shaking inside their bodies while they talk to G-d.

Why do Jews kiss the door?

Jews kiss the Mezuzah which is located on every door of a Jewish household (except for the bathroom) as a good luck charm.

What is the women's role in Judaism?

The women's role in Judaism is to raise the children in their families which involves cooking, educating and entertaining. Women will also participate in the wider Jewish community such as preparing for Shabbat and other community activities.

Are Yiddish and Hebrew the same thing?

No! Orthodox Jews speak Yiddish but Yiddish and Hebrew are two different languages. The Torah was written in Hebrew.

Why do Jews break glass?

Jews break glass during their wedding day as a blessing so that their marriages do not break.

Which foods are kosher?

Meat is kosher if it has split hooves and chews the cud (eats grass). Kosher fish must have fins and scales. Jews do not mix meat and milk so there are foods that are pareve which are neither meat or milk. Beyond that, common foods CAN be kosher. For example, many sweets use pork gelatine in them which makes the sweet non-kosher.

What is the wife of a rabbi called?

The wife of a Rabbi is called a Rebbetzin.

How many years does it take to become a rabbi?

There are different Yeshiva (Jewish College) courses that are taken to become a Rabbi. The standard length is 3-6 years. Some Rabbis may decide to study for longer before they start to become a Rabbi in a community.

Do rabbis marry?

Yes Rabbis marry and as per the Commandment: "Be Fruitful and Multiply"

Rabbis usually have large families.

Do rabbis get paid?

Yes. Rabbis will get paid via donations made by their community and then they may do sponsored talks and lectures for additional income.

What is a Minyan?

A Minyan is a group of 10 Jewish Men who come together to pray. Jews find it important to pray together which is why it is common to find groups of Jewish men coming together to pray.

What do Jews do on a daily basis?

On a daily basis, Jewish men will pray at least three times a day, work to provide an income for their family. And Jewish woman will pray at least once a day, look after their children and take care of the household.

Can a Jew be vegan and kosher?

Yes. A Jew can be vegan and kosher. They would be missing out on Chicken Soup for Friday Night Dinner though!

Can Orthodox Jews eat halal?

No. Orthodox Jews have very specific laws regarding what constitutes Kosher meat and Halal requirements would not suffice as Kosher.

Is blood donation allowed in Judaism?

Yes blood donation is allowed in Judaism. Although Jews are not permitted to drink the blood of any animal or human.

Can an Orthodox Jewish wife cover her hair with a headscarf instead of a wig?

It depends on the individual. Some women are strict and will wear a tichel scarf over their wig and others will just way the tichel scarf over their actual hair.

Can a Jewish couple be intimate on Shabbat?

Yes. It is a Mitzvah to be intimate with your partner on Shabbat.

Can Jewish couples be intimate during pregnancy?

Yes. However, the Laws still remain that the man and woman should not touch during the females cycle.

Can Jewish wives breastfeed in public?

Their is no rule to say that Jewish wives cannot breastfeed in public. However, if they did they would likely cover themselves to ensure nobody can see.

Do eggs need to be kosher?

Eggs would need to be from a Kosher chicken in order to be Kosher.

do Orthodox Jews touch before marriage?

No. Orthodox Jews will abstain from physical touch until after they are married.

Is alternate side of the street parking enforced on Rosh Hashanah?

No. Alternate side of the street parking is not enforced on Rosh Hashanah.

Are all Long Island public schools closed for Rosh Hashanah

Yes. "New York City's public schools will, here after, shut down annually on Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, “for administrative reasons”

What to write to friend that sent me a Happy Rosh Hashanah card?

Rosh Hashanah is The Jewish New Year so you could respond wishing your friend a Happy New Year and that you appreciate the card.

Need sample text for invitation for Rosh Hashanah

"Chag Sameach! We are having some friends and family over to celebrate Rosh Hashanah and would love for you and the family to join. Have you already made planned? Let me know (insert Apple and Honey emoji)

In what year did the NYC public schools began closing for Rosh Hashanah?

September 2022

What year is 2983 on Jewish calendar?

Mon, 7 July 2983 = 5th of Tamuz, 6743

Why doesn't Google list holy holidays such as Yom Kippur and Rosh Hashanah on their calendar?

Google has not addressed this question, however Yom Kippur and Rosh Hashanah dates can be found on various other calendar websites.

What does dusk means in Rosh Hashanah?

Dusk is from the moment the sun has disappeared over the horizon until the appearance of the first three stars. It is a space of time whose designation is doubtful, partly considered day and partly considered night.

What day of Rosh Hashanah was September 19 1955?

Jewish holiday of Rosh Hashanah, began on 16-Sep-1955 and ended on 18-Sep-1955. The Jewish New Year.

Do Chabad say Selichot on the ten days in between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur?

No, Chabad Don't Say Selichot Between Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur.

Can you have marital relations between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur?

No. You should not have marital relations between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur and ask for Repentance.

What do you say to a good friend whose wife has been diagnosed with cancer on this new Jewish New Year?

You should say your are sending her your thoughts and Prayers. But beyond this, you should be saying Tehillim for her because Prayer has the power to change anything.

What is One of The Biggest Mitzvot in The Torah?

One of The Biggest Mitzvot in The Torah is to wash your hands, say a blessing on a piece of bread and eat.


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