Jewish Purim (Explained)

A time to dress up in fancy dress and read Megillat Esther.

Purim is an extremely auspicious time.

Allow us to explain the mystical teachings of this Purim

What is Purim?

Purim is one of the most special Jewish Holidays in the year.

In Hebrew, the word used to describe a Jewish Festival is 'Chag'

Chag does not have the same meaning as holiday.

In English, holiday means to go on vacation and relax.

In Hebrew, chag means a festival where once a year, a special Holy Light comes back to The World and effects it.

There are two special Jewish Holidays that Jewish Sages decided to make a holiday out of.

One of those Holidays is Purim.

During The Jewish Festival of Purim, we read The Megillat Esther along with several other Mitzvot (Commandments) to fulfill.

The 4 Mitzvah's of Purim

The 4 Mitzvah's of Purim are very Holy.

They all start with the letter 'M'

M is a very powerful letter.


Because there are two types of the letter 'M' in Hebrew.

מ and ם

The first letter that starts The Torah is 'B'

Arguably, the first letter of The Torah should be 'A'

If you analyse the structure of the letter 'B' in Hebrew (ב) - it has a roof, a base, one wall on the right side and then the left side is completely open.

And G-d created The World with the letter 'B' because He wanted to have one side open for the Yetzer Hara (evil inclinations) to come in.

Because, if The World was perfect, there wouldn't be a place for the Yetzer Hara

We as people came here to refine ourselves and the only way to refine ourselves is through having some form of resistance.

If you go to the gym and sit on the fanciest machine but don't move, then nothing is going to happen. You need to have resistance in order to grow.

Mishloach Manot

Mishloach Manot is gift given to someone on Purim.

The minimum that you have to do is to give Mishloach Manot to one person and it has to have two presents in it.

Prefrebly the Mishloach Manot should be given to the same gender.

Erev Purim

Fast of Esther

The day before the joyous holiday of Purim, Jews will fast on what is known as The Fast of Esther

This fast is a lot more lenient and the following individuals would classify as being (potentially) exempt from fasting:

If you can, you should try make it to a Synagogue where you can hear a special Prayer for The Fast of Esther

Reading Megillat Esther

Typically, once Jewish fasting is finished, it will be followed by big feasts.

After The Fast of Esther is finished, Jews will go right into listening to The Reading of Megillat Esther which will take around 45 minutes

Women are also obligated to hear The Reading of Megillat Esther and it is a very auspicious time where Jews will wear formal clothing.

If Purim is on a Sunday, then Jews cannot fast on Shabbat

So, the fast in that scenario would be on a Thursday.

The only time Jews would fast on Shabbat would be on Jewish Yom Kippur

Jews are obligated to hear Megillat Esther twice. Once at the night before Purim and also during the day of Purim.

If you have kids, they are not obligated to hear The Megillah, however you want to educate them that it's a Mitzvah that Jews must do. But, if your kids are going to make a lot of noise then you cannot bring them to Synagogue.


Because they will disturb the people listening to The Megillah and if a Jew misses hearing one word from The Megillah then it's like they did not hear the whole thing.

The Megillah is read the night before Purim only after the sun sets. Even though you are fasting and will be hungry, you must wait another 45 minutes and hear The Megillah.

Machatzit HaShekel

Jews will give three coins to charity on the day before Purim.

Some people have these beautiful coins that are actually a Half-Shekel

So, you give a small donation to charity and you raise the coins in the air.

Some people raise the coins in the air once and some have the custom to raise the coins in the air three times.

In Parashat Shekalim, Jews read in The Torah that each person would give half a Shekel to be an atonement to his Soul

The Half-Shekel coins are very old coins and not the current Israeli Shekel Gold coins.

The reason for give three coins to charity on the day before Purim is because when The Jewish People had The Beit Hamikdash and The Mishkan, in the month of Adar, everyone came and gave a donation.


Because everyday they used to sacrafice in The Temple sacrafices which are called 'Public Sacrafices'

And once a year they would collect donations from everyone and that would be enough money to buy the sacrafices for the rest of the year.

Purim Feast

On Purim, Jews must drink, be happy and celebrate during Purim.

The holiday is not about getting super drunk. An appropriate amount is having a few Lechaim's to be happy and jolly, but not to be smashed.

And we avoid doing labour on Purim, such as: washing clothes or cleaning the house

There you have it!

Purim is a very special time for Jews and we hope this helped you understand the beautiful holiday.

Till next time!


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