Jewish Prayer (Explained)

Why do Jewish Men Pray at least three times a day?

Why do Jewish Women Pray at least once a day?

What are Jews Praying for?

What is Jewish Prayer all about?

Let us explain:

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What is Jewish Prayer?

To understand Jewish Prayer it is important to understand Jewish Beliefs.

Jews believe that there is One and Only One G-d

G-d must be loved and feared by Jews

Prayer is a way to show G-d that we love and fear Him

When Jews Pray, they are detaching from the physical world and having a conversation with the Creator

Telling the Master Creator of This World how perfect He is

How everything He has Created, is perfect

Here is a great example to understand Jewish Prayer with HaShem

When a kid really wants something, what does he do?

He asks his parents.

His parents say no.

He keeps asking.

His parents keep saying no.

Then eventually after keeping asking,

He gets what he wants.

The difference between this example above and Jewish Prayer with G-d is:

G-d will give you EXACTLY what you NEED

He knows you better than you know yourself

So, if you dedicate time to connect with the Master Creator

Then you will be given exactly what you need.

What Do Jews Pray For?

So, building on from what is Prayer, what do Jews Pray For?

Well, the main reason is to show our love and respect to The Master of The Universe

And, if we show love and respect, then we will be given what we need

Then, it is down to the individual to humble himself and be happy with his lot.

Many Jews will pray for Parnassa (livelihood)

Parnassa translates to livelihood but can also be used for money / income

When Jews Pray for Parnassa, they might already have all that they need

However, it is said that different Jewish Holidays actually are auspicious times to get a better judgement for that particular year.

For example, Rosh Hashanah is the Jewish New Year where Jews receive their Judgement for that year.

So, Jews may receive the Blessing to receive $1,000,000 one particular year.

However, The Jew needs to make sure they have their spiritual vessel open to receive the money.

Rabbi Alon Anava explains this in the video below:

Why Do Jews Pray?

It is a Commandment for Jewish Men to Pray at least three times a day.

And it is a Commandment for Jewish Women to Pray at least once a day.

That alone is the reason for Jews to Pray...

Because they are Commanded to do so.

How To Do Jewish Prayer?

For Jewish Men, Weekday Daily Praying will consist of:

In addiition to that, Birkat Hamazon will be recited after meals.

As far as how to actually Pray, you would have a Siddur (Prayer Book) and then read aloud the passages in the Prayer that you are reading.

In different Prayers you might be told in the passage to stand / sit

In some Prayers you might be told to recite it in an undertone

Every Prayer is unique and has special meaning behind it. Most Prayer books will have annotations to help you understand how to do everything correctly.

There you have it!

Jewish Prayer.

A very special time for Jews to connect with The Master Creator

Trust me, speak to The King

He wants to hear from you

Till next time!


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