Orthodox Jews - Everything You Need To Know

G-d commands the Jewish People to Observe the Torah.

The Master Creator of the Universe lays everything out in very clear detail.

Orthodox Jews observe the Torah.

They listen to what G-d wrote in the Torah and what He commands from His Jewish people.

Then, they take action on the learnings and teachings.


Orthodox Judaism started back in the early 1800's as a response to Reform Judaism.

To put it simply: Reform Jews went away from the Torah.

Orthodox Jews stayed close to the Torah.

Today, there are over 2 million practising Orthodox Jews.

A recent study indicates that "Two-in-five British Jews will be strictly-Orthodox by 2040".

Types of Orthodox Jews

As you saw in the 14 Types of Jews Article.

There are many different types of Jews and then within the types of Jews there are sub sects within these different types.

Let's discuss the three types of Orthodox Jews:


Ultra Orthodox Jews (also known as Haredi Jews) understand that The Master Creator is in control.

They fear G-d because they know there are consequences for their actions.

Haredi: β€˜one who trembles (in awe at the word of G-d)’.

Haredi Jews listen to what is commanded of them by G-d and they ensure they do what they are told.

The Source makes everything clear for Jews in The Torah.

The common theme amongst Jewish groups that are not "Ultra Orthodox" is that they have deviated away from The Torah in some kind of way and then label their decision as being a "New Movement".

Modern Orthodox.

Modern Orthodox (also known as Modox) Jews challenge aspects of Orthodox Judaism.

In very simple terms: they want to open the door to everyone.

The issue from a Jewish stand point is:

If you believe in The Torah and what is obligated of us as Jews. How can you challenge it?

It’s not about what you resonate with, it’s about what G-d commands of you.

Since it was given, we are Commanded to Observe the Torah.

When we come across struggles that we do not knwo the answer to we: Turn to the Torah.

When we raise families and grow communities we ensure they are Torah observant.

Being Torah observant is not a choice, it is a commandment.

And, These are the Commandments! Unless instructed by G-d. Nothing should be up for debate.

Centrist Orthodox

Centrist Orthodox seek the truth and believe that HaShem is the Master Creator of the Universe.

They also believe that Jewish Traditions should not be abandoned, regardless of the situation Jews may find themselves in.

You may be wondering...

"What's the difference between Centrist and Ultra Orthodox?

It's a valid question.

Ultra Orthodox believe in a Torah Only way of living.

Things such as: health, wealth and happiness should be learnt from The Torah and not from modern sources.

Centrist Orthodox Jews tend to take a more open approach when it comes to allowing in SOME of the modern day aspects such as: modern day sciences and making money.

Centrist Orthodox Jews are not "a mix" of Ultra and Modern Orthodox views.

They are truth seekers that tend to take a centre stance on the extreme sides of Ultra and Modern Orthodox Views.

To echo the same sentiment discussed in the 14 Types of Jews Article.

It's difficult to understand the different sects that do not strictly adhere to Jewish principles 100%.

Because, in simple terms: you either follow what is Commanded of you or you don't.

Orthodox Jewish hat

An image

A lot of people recognise an Orthodox Jew from hats that they wear.

While Shtreimel's are typically worn by Hasidic Jews, Orthodox Jews do love a quality hat too.

Here are the hats worn by Orthodox Jews:

These hats all have their unique style and look great with a black suit!

Orthodox Jewish Practises

Amongst all Orthodox Jews, they will likely keep the following practises:

What is Shabbat?

Shabbat is a Jewish Law that Saturday is the day of rest.

HaShem created the world and on the 7th Day, he rested.

You may be wondering...

Isn't the 7th Day Sunday?


For Israel and the Jewish People, Sunday is the first day and Saturday is the 7th Day.

There are many laws that go into detail on what is allowed and disallowed on Shabbat.

Simply put: no electronics, no drivings, no music.

Quality time spent with those you love and a chance to strengthen your relationship with G-d.

Orthodox Jewish View on Abortion

Is abortion permissible in Jewish Law?

Abortion is a relatively complex topic in Jewish Law.

However, there are instances where abortion is permissible.

For example, if the life of the Jewish mother is in danger if she has the child,

Then abortion is permissible.

If the mental health of the woman is in danger, meaning we believe she may commit suicide or harm herself if she has the child,

Then abortion is permissible.

In these two examples provided above, it would need to be done in the first 40 days otherwise it gets a lot more difficult.

With all that said,

Life is Holy.

When we are given the gift of life by G-d, we must do everything we can to preserve it.

Why do Orthodox Jewish Women cover their hair?

Orthodox Jewish Women wear a wig, also known as a Sheitel when they get married as their hair becomes holy.

The wife will keep her real hair for only her husband to see and the Sheitel is a constant reminder that she is married.

And for those of you wondering... no, based on "My Unorthodox Life" it does not appear that Julia Haart is wearing a wig.

How do Orthodox Jewish wives cut their real hair then?

They usually get their hair cut by their mothers or sisters.

Do Orthodox Jewish daughters wear wigs?

No. Orthodox Jewish women will only start to wear a wig after they get married.

Can you convert to Orthodox Judaism?

Yes you can.

It is a two step process to converting to Orthodox Judaism (assuming you are not already Jewish)

The first step is education.

A person must learn the required teachings of the Torah in order to know what life is like as a Jew.

This means they have to completely forsake all of their previous beliefs in Jesus, Buddha, Quran and all beliefs other than the Torah itself.

As long as a person believes in anything else other than the Torah, even if it is a "self help guru", they cannot be considered an effective real Jew.

You have to believe that there is only One G-d.

Now obviously, it is not overnight that you can change beliefs you have held your entire life.

That is why it is important to educate yourself properly.

The second step is taking action.

So, once you learn all the education.

You need to put it into practise.

It is important to note that on the path of converting, you should not be fufilling everything 100%.

Some customs should be restricted until you have fully converted.

It is important to consult with a Rabbi if you wish to convert and get all the individual advice based on your specific situation.

Lastly, the length in which it takes to convert to Judaism will depend on the effort you put into the process.

You should not seek to take ANY shortcuts in the process.

Remember why you are converting and take time gettings things right.

Leaving Orthodox Judaism

There seems to be a strange idea that it is not possible to leave Orthodox Jewish Communities.

Netflix shows such as: Unorthodox and My Unorthodox Life

Both shows perpetuate this extreme way of living as an Orthodox Jew and make it appear unattractive to live anything close to this type of lifestyle.

It's important to note that anything on mainstream television is carefully curated.

What this means is: they purposely will show the highest of highs and the lowest of lows.

Because... after all, this is what gets people hooked on shows.

Julia Haart who is the star in My Unorthodox Life states that she "escaped" Monsey which is a Jewish Orthodox Community in New York.

What is sad about this is that it paints such a bad image on the entire community.

There are no walls in Monsey preventing Julia from packing up her belongings and moving away.

She ended up moving away and starting a new life for herself and seemingly has achieved great financial success.

So it is sad to then see a netflix show released that basically says, "HEY! Look at how crazy my life used to be as an Orthodox Jew. Now I'm wealthy and want to show you how crazy my life used to be".

We are all navigating our way through life trying to do what we think is best.

Ultimately, Orthodox Jews see the Torah as their navigation.

Helping them move along the path of life and provide for future generations to come.

Famous Orthodox Jews

There are two ways to answer this question.

The answer depends on whether or not we are talking about famous in the Orthodox Jewish Community or famous on a global scale.

As for famous on a global scale, here are some you might know:

As for famous in the Orthodox Jewish Community, there are some great Rabbis and individuals who are very well respected in the Jewish Orthodox Community. Here are some to name a few:

There is a long list of Jewish Orthodox Rabbis that could be mentioned so there are three to see the incredible impact they had on not only the Jewish community but also on a global scale!

There we have it.

The deep dive on Orthodox Jews.

We hope you found this informative and it helps shed light on the beautiful traditions and community that Orthodox Jews have.

Till next time!


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