Jewish Numbers (Explained)

Why is 18 such a special number in Judaism?

What numbers are special in Judaism?

Is 18 the magic number?

Let us explain the spiritual meaning of Jewish Numbers...

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18 in Judaism

It is common when visiting Jewish donation pages to donate in multiples of 18.

To the outside viewer, this may seem strange.

But there is something very special to the number 18 in Judaism.

The Gematria of Chai translates to 18.

And Chai means... Life!

That is why when Jews make a toast we say LeChaim... To Life!

Significance of the number 7 in Judaism

In The Sefar Torah, we are told that G-d Created The World in 7 Days.

This is what makes the number 7 such a Holy Number in Judaism as it is associated with The Creation of The World.

Furthermore, the 7th day of Creation is The Day of Rest, Shabbat.

And Shabbat is The Holiest day of The Week in Judaism.

Significance of the number 4 in Judaism

In Judaism, we wear Tzitzit which are a 4 cornered garment.

It is said in Judaism that the Heavens and The Earth has four corners.

Significance of the number 12 in Judaism

First of all, there are 12 Tribes in Judaism.

As well as this, there are 12 months in the year.

There you have it!

The significance of numbers in Judaism.

Till next time.


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