Jewish Messiah / Moshiach (Explained)

Do you ever dream of what life would be like without any stress?

If you did not have to hustle just to make ends meat?

Well, that dream will soon become a reality.

When Moshiach reveals himself...

Let us explain:

What is Moshiach?

Moshiach is explained in Jewish Scripture as "The Life of The World To Come".

The Jewish Messiah is known as "Moshiach" and when Moshiach reveals himself to the world, we will enter "The Life of The World To Come".

It is a Jewish Commandment to BELIEVE that The Messiah will come.

Has The Messiah Already Come?


Moshiach has not arrived and many people in their times believed that a certain person was Moshiach.

For example, Menachem Mendel Schneerson (Lubavitcher Rebbe) was believed by several Chabad Jews in the 1980's that he was Moshiach.

Back when King David was the King of Israel. Many Jews believed King David was Moshiach.

However, we know that when Moshiach comes, there are many things that will follow.

How Will The Jewish Messiah Arrive?

We don't know exactly HOW The Jewish Messiah will arrive.

Although there are many different opinions of how it will happen.

It boils down to two ways on how The Jewish Messiah is going to come:

Not in a Nice Way

Not nice means it is going to come in a disastrous way with a massive war.

Many Jewish Sources talk about a famous war called "The War of Gog and Magog"

The Jewish Book of Zohar says that there is going to be three wars.

When World War 1 started, the Chofetz Chaim (Rabbi Yisrael Meir ha-Kohen Kagan) said that this is the first Gog and Magog. And, he then predicted 25 years later would be the second Gog and Magog.

There were exactly 25 years between World War 1 and World War 2.

And then he predicted that 72 years later, there would be the third Gog and Magog which is between 2011 and 2017 which is around the time of The War in Syria.

Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai explains in one of his books,

"Here is the sign of when The Jewish Messiah is coming..

When you see the leader of Damascus (Capital of Syria) fall down,

This is when The Jewish Messiah is going to come"

Of course, we do not want to experience this and hopefully can exerpience The Arrival of The Jewish Messiah in a nice way.

In a Nice Way

The Talmud says The Jewish Messiah can arrive "in the blink of an eye"

This is what we hope to happen where one day, The Jewish Messiah arrives and we experience The Life of the World to Come.

For this to happen, we need a lot of merit.

It says in many other sources that if Israel is doing Teshuva (repentance), "right away they get redeemed"

Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai explains that we do not need the entire Nation of Israel, because this will be almost impossible.

Rather, we need One Strong Group of dedicated Jews who are dedicated to The Torah.

Following The Torah, Observing The Torah, Doing Mitzvot, spreading love and preventing themselves from any sins.

What Will Happen On The Arrival of The Jewish Messiah?

Once The Jewish Messiah arrives, there are different opinions on 'how fast the change will happen'.

Most Sources explain that the arrival will be a process.

  1. The Jewish Messiah appears
  2. The Jewish Messiah will have to fight the war
  3. Not everybody will accept the coming of The Jewish Messiah
  4. The World Will Slowly Become Perfect

When The Jewish Messiah arrives, The Beit HaMikdash is going to be brought down from Heaven.

Along with The Jewish Messiah, there will also be two individuals that are with him.

Moshe Rabbeinu and Aharon Hakohen.

All sources say that The Jewish Messiah is going to appear in the Galilee (North of Israel).

Most sources believe that it will be in Tzfat (Safed).

When The Jewish Messiah is revealed in the North of Israel, one of the first things that The Jewish Messiah will do on the way down to Jerusalem is slaughter the red heifer.

Once the red heifer has been slaughtered, we are going to be 'woken up' from the state of impurity that we are in.

Hate, anger, depression, jealousy and any other character traits that we have will be removed.

This will allow us to rebuild the World to the place where it needs to be.

The first period of The Jewish Messiah arriving will be a slow shift to becoming a Perfect World.

It is said that there will no longer be death, however there may still be death during the first period of The Jewish Messiah arriving, although it will not be felt as a bad thing.

It is said that it will be a 40 year period where The World 'shifts'

There will no longer be:

Can you imagine the idea where you do not need to go through intense airport security measures because everyone trusts everyone?

Can you imagine not needing to have passwords for anything online because everyone respects other peoples' accounts?

To conclude,

Yes, Moshiach is a real person.

Yes, he is alive and here today.

Yes, he can come at any minute.

Yes, you must Pray everyday for Moshiach to reveal himself so we can shift to The Perfect World.

Till next time!


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