Kosher Food (Explained)

What makes a food kosher?

Why do Jews love chicken soup so much?

Do Jews not eat pork?

Let us explain...

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What is Kosher Food?

Kosher Foods are explained in The Sefar Torah.

There are different rules regarding what makes food Kosher or not and also there are rules surrounding what foods you can and cannot mix together.

Here are the three categories for Kosher Food:

Kosher Food Rules

In order for an animal to be kosher meat, it must have both of the following features:

Once you assess these features, many animals are therefore not kosher such as: Pig, Camel, Rabbit, Duck, Llama and many others too.

In order for a fish to be kosher, it must have the following features:

Once you assess these features, many fish are therefore not kosher such as: Shark, Eel, Octopus, and Swordfish.

The general guidelines is all seafood is not kosher. It does come down to what you classify as seafood but as mentioned before, if a fish has fins and scales, it is kosher.

Why Can't Jews Eat Meat and Dairy Together?

Jews do not mix meat and milk in the same meal.

If a Jew eats any meat, they must wait six hours before eating any dairy.

The obvious reasoning for this Jewish Law is digestion. When you next eat meat and dairy together, pay attention to your bowl movements. Because they are not supposed to be mixed, it is not uncommon to smell gas produced by doing this combination.

Pareve vs. Kosher

Pareve is Kosher food that does not contain meat or dairy and can therefore be eaten after meat, without having to wait six hours.

Is Pareve Vegan?

Is Pareve food simply, vegan? No. As fish products are pareve, you may find pareve foods with fish gelatin or other fish derived ingredients which are not vegan, so it is important to always check.

What is Kosher Salt?

Kosher Salt is Jewish Salt, yes. Nevertheless, a Jew should always check the Kosher Salt has Official Kosher Certification stamped on it. As far as the taste of Kosher Salt, it is the same taste as other salts, salty!

What is Kosher Milk?

Kosher Milk is Milk that comes from a Kosher Farm. The reason Jews will buy Kosher Milk is because non-Kosher milk will be on a farm where the milk can be contaminated with non-Kosher animals milk. And this contamination will lead to the milk not being Kosher.

There is one caveat, if you see the non-Kosher Farmer milk the Kosher Animal and know with certainty that there are no contaminations then you can drink the 'non' Kosher milk.

So, the aspect that makes milk non-Kosher is if the milk potentially mixed with other animals milk who are not Kosher animals.

Why Keep Kosher?

There are 3 Types of Mitzvot (Commandments):

  1. Chukim (Laws)
  2. Mishpatim (Rules)
  3. Edot (Testimonial)

First and foremost, Jews keep the Laws of Kosher because The Torah tells them to do it and says all the Rules about it.

There is an explanation for this though...

For example, The Torah instructs Jews to not eat meat and dairy. Scientifically, the digestion time for dairy is around one hour and meat is around six hours. So when someone eats meat and dairy in the same meal, the meal will go down to the stomach and it will not know if it is meat and dairy so it will digest the meal as if it is 'all meat' and all the dairy products that is mixed in there will be digested for six hours with different stomach enzymes.

So, one explanation is that medically, it is not healthy to not keep Kosher.

But the most important reason to keep Kosher and the meaning behind keeping Kosher is that G-d Commands Us To Do It, so we must first listen and obey and then if we wish to find further reasons as to why we do it, we can.

Kosher Meaning

We are simply Souls that are temporarily put into human bodies.

And as we go through life, Jews who do not keep Kosher will continue to make their soul more and more dirty.

The meaning of keeping Kosher is a Spiritual Tool that will help clean your Soul.

How will it clean your Soul? Because it is a Commandment in The Torah, the more Commandments a Jew does, the more he is cleaning his Soul and making himself more and more pure.

So the meaning behind keeping Kosher is to help clean your Soul.

There you have it.

Kosher food. Kosher chicken. Chicken soup is the Jewish penicillin!

We hope this helped you understand more about Jewish Kosher rules and explanations.

Till next time!


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