Jewish Kippah (Explained)

What is that hat that Jews wear on their heads?

Why do Jews always wear that head covering?

Well, that is called a Kippah (also known as a Yamaka)

Let us explain why Jews wear it and what meaning it has.

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What is a Kippah?

A Kippah (also known as a Yamaka) is a round hat that Jewish Men wear on their heads.

You can many different sizes of Kippahs.

Tiny ones and large ones.
Plain ones and decorated ones.
Solid ones and knitted ones.

Basically, they come in all shapes and sizes.

Why Do Jews Wear A Kippah?

The reason Jews wear Kipphas is to constantly remind them that G-d is above them.

Wearing a Kippah humbles you that HaShem is always above you and sees everything you do.

It is also to show respect to G-d that He is always in control.

Can Anyone Wear A Kippah?

Yes, anyone can wear a Kippah.

Typically, Jewish women don't wear Kippahs.

However, if a non-Jew wanted to wear a Kippah that is completely fine.

Is It Disrespectful To Wear A Kippah?

If a non-Jew wore a Kippah on Shabbat and drove in their car, that could be seen as offensive to a Jew.

Going back to the reason for wearing a Kippah which is to respect and acknowledge G-d, if a non-Jew wants to do that then it is totally fine.

And generally speaking, a non-Jew wearing a Kippah around Jewish people would be seen as respecting their culture and customs.

How Does A Kippah Stay On The Head?

Well, the easiest answer is to try it for yourself!

Jokes aside, the shape of the Kippah and the shape of the head allows the Kippah to sit gently on the middle third of the head and prevent it from falling forwards or backwards.

However, it is common when Jewish Men are running or moving around erratically that their Kippahs fall off. This is why Jews who have this occur more often decide to use clips for their Kippah on their head.

How Does A Kippah Stay On A Bald Head?

It is actually easier for a knitted Kippah to stay on a bald head than a head with hair because of what Jews call "The Kippah Sweet Spot"

"The Kippah sweet spot" happens when a Jewish male gets the perfect position on his head and with his Kippah and the Kippah remains in place for hours on end.

It is known amongst Jewish men that it is easier to find "The Kippah sweet spot" when you are bald or have less hair. It allows the Kippah to sink further into the scalp and work its magic.

Can Kippahs Touch The Ground?

No. Kippahs should not touch the ground and if they do, you should pick up the Kippah and kiss it as a sign of respect.

Most Jews wear clips to avoid this from happening so easily.

Kippah Pronunciation


Do Rabbis Wear Kippahs?

Yes they do. Although some Rabbis will wear a Borsalino Hat or Shtreimel which will act as a head covering and therefore are not required to wear a Kippah as well.

Could a Kippah Make You Lose Weight?

Interesting question... maybe. To answer it with Jewish Mysticism, you might start to wear a Kippah and then become more connected to G-d and decide to eat healthier foods which would therefore make you lose weight.

Should I Kippah A Kippah To Work?

This really depends on where you work and how comfortable you feel wearing a Kippah in that enviroment.

If wearing the Kippah is going to jeopardize your safety or severely interfere with your life then you should assess whether you just wear it at home and not at work.

The answer to this question is extremely individual and you should consult with your local Rabbi to get some personal advice.

There you have it!

The Jewish Kippah and why men wear it everyday.

As a sign of respect.

Till next time.


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