Hebrew in Judaism (Explained)

What is the Hebrew language?

Why is Judaism spoken in Hebrew?

Allow us to explain Hebrew, in Judaism.

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What is Hebrew?

Hebrew is the language spoken in Israel and is also one of the oldest known languages.

Israel is the only country where Hebrew is the Official Spoken Language.

The Sefar Torah is written in Hebrew and Judaism believes that The Torah was written by Moshe Rabbenu, from G-d

Origin of Hebrew

Hebrew originates from over three thousand years ago. We do not know how far back but based on the fact that The Torah is written in Hebrew, it is safe to assume that the origin is that of many thousands of years old.

Hebrew vs. Yiddish

There are many Russian Jews who speak Yiddish and also American Jews too.

Yiddish speakers have a good understanding of Hebrew, generally speaking.

In most cases, a Jew who understands and speaks Yiddish will also have a decent level of Hebrew at the very least.

However the opposite side is not always true. There are a large percentage of Hebrew speakers who do not understand Yiddish. Although there are many famous Jewish Words that are in Yiddish that are universally known amongst Jews.

Many religious Jewish communities in Israel speak Yiddish.

Difference between Jews and Hebrews

There are no differences between Hebrews, Jews, and Israelites. They are all referring to The Jewish People who are the Chosen People and The Children of Israel.

Chosen by G-d.

Is Hebrew from Greek?

No. Hebrew is not from Greek.

Is Hebrew a Religion?

No. Hebrew is not a religion. Hebrew is a language that is used by The Jewish religion.

Can Hebrew speakers understand Arabic?

It depends on the context of the question. While they are two different languages, if a Hebrew speaker and an Arabic speaker were trying to converse in their own native tongues about a specific situation, they would have a better chance of understanding each other than an English and a Mandarin speaker for example.

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Hebrew in Judaism.

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