Jewish Culture (Explained)

The wine, the friendship and the community.

What is it all about with Jewish Culture?

Well, allow us to explain it all for you:

Day to Day

Day to day, all Jews have a 'hustle' culture.

Whether it is a Jewish mom raising six kids or a Jewish man working to make money for their familiy.

Everything is done with hard-work, whatever the situation the Jew find themselves in.

Once working hours are over, Jewish Culture is spending time with family and making sure everyone else is doing good.

This applies universally to Jews, regardless of how religious they are.

They work hard and support their families.


Following on from day to day, having a community is a big part of Jewish Culture.

The most common form of community is the Synagogue a Jew belongs to.

However, as many Jews have moved to different areas of the world, their community may also be Jews from their origin, currently living in the same area.

For example: A French Jew living in Israel may be a part of a French, Israeli Jewish Community.

Furthermore, there will be a community in all Jewish aspects of life. A community for the Jewish School that the kids go to, sports that they play in etc.


Typically speaking, Jewish culture tends to date inwards.

Meaning, Jews will date fellow Jews.

However, this is not something special that Jews do. Pretty much all cultures tend to date inwards because it is what you are familiar with.

Furthermore, for Jews, there are many laws we follow that could be broken if we marry a non-Jew.

For example, Jews keep Kosher. One example of keeping Kosher is not eating bacon.

If you date a non-Jew who eats bacon and they eat bacon a plate, then that plate will become unkosher.

This is one example of many where it makes sense for Jews to date fellow Jews.


The Jewish Culture of matchmaking is different on how religious one is.

However, Jews as with many other religions, will be happy to suggest two Jews to go on a date if both parties think it could be a good match.

Going to a shidduch is a slightly more formal way of finding your other half.

Whereas, if a Jew belongs in a Jewish community and participates in the Jewish community, they may well be told by a member of the community that they know someone that might be a great match for them.

The obvious pointer here is that more secular Jews will usually be less involved in their community. Nevertheless, secular Jews are still Jews and know Jews so there is always the possiblity that they are matched with another Jew that they date and later on end up marrying.


As far as marriage goes.

Jews can find their spouse in a variety of different ways.

The Jewish culture sees marriage as a must.

Further growing and repopulating the earth is a Commandment

"Be Fruitful and Multiply"

Different Jews will get married at different ages.

For example, a Jewish couple may have met in secondary school and then got married in their early 20's.

Or, a Jewish couple may have individually started searching with shidduchim.

The culture is the same in terms of marrying another Jew, however Orthodox and Hasidic Jews will not touch the opposite gender until after they are married.

And, even once they are married, they will only physically touch their spouse.


Jews are very social.

The Jewish culture is naturally very socialable.

Whether it is praying in a Minyan (Group of 10 men) at a Synagogue.

Or, celebrating Friday Night Dinner and Jewish festivals with friends and family.

There are many aspects of Judaism that involve socialising.

Judaism is about being together and unifying.

Therefore, Jewish culture has a huge identity with socialising.

Living Frugally vs. Spending

Let's not get confused: Jews are not stingy.

Living a Jewish life is expensive.

Because of these expenses, it is normal for Jews to not be so flashy.

Jews would prefer to do charitable acts and spend money on things that matter most: creating long lasting memories.

It is common for Jewish Families to spend a lot of money on hosting guests and going above and beyond to make sure there is enough food for everyone.

Israel vs. Western Countries

It is worth mentioning that Jewish Culture in Israel will be different to Jewish culture in other western countries such as: United States / United Kingdom / Australia

That being said, the main culture difference in Israel vs. other countries is not so much related to Judaism.

Because the main difference is that in Israel, people are more direct.

People 'say it how it is'

And that is not really about Jewish or not Jewish. It is just Israel.

There you have it.

Jewish culture.

Beautiful, friendly and centred around community.

Till next time!


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