Jewish Clothing (Explained)

What are those fury hats Jews wear?

Why do Jewish Women wear such long dresses?

What is that long Jewish coat Rabbis wear?

Allow us to explain: Jewish Clothing...

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Jewish Clothing Rules

All Jewish Clothing is centred around modesty.

And that applies to both men and women.

Therefore, you will commonly see men wearing suits and hats, and women wearing long dresses (covering their legs and arms) and sheitals (if they are married).

The overarching concept, whatever the choice of clothing is exposing as little skin as possible.


Because the skin is the most bare part of the human body.

And Judaism believes that the body is very precious and should be reserved for the persons spouse.

If a man and women focus on not exposing any skin to anybody else in The World, and they are the only two people who see eachother at their most vulnerable, then they feel such a stronger connection to one another.

Whereas the couple who wear tank tops and really short shorts are reducing the special moment when they see their other half at their most vulnerable because they are constantly semi-vulnerable throughout the day by wearing immodest clothing.

Jewish Clothing Traditions

From Ancient Times, it is believed that Jews wore long robes with sashes used as belts.

This outfit is inline with the modest philosophy and also relatively easy to make.

As time progressed, Jewish robes evolved and today, you see Jewish Men wearing long robes instead of a normal length suit jacket.

Jewish Clothing Names

Assuming you are not familiar with Jewish Clothing, we will make a list of Jewish garments and give a simple explanation to hopefully help you understand which garment you are thinking of.

  1. Sheitel

A Sheitel is the wig that Jewish women wear on their head when they get married.

  1. Tichel

A Tichel is a headscarf that Jewish women also wear as a head covering.

  1. Tzitzit

Tzitzit are a four stringed garment that is usually worn underneath a t-shirt and dangles from Jewish men when they walk.

  1. Tallis

The Tallis is a Jewish Prayer garment worn by Men during prayer. It also has four strings and is worn on top of the clothing.

  1. Kippur

The Kippur is the round Jewish hat worn on mens heads.

  1. Shtreimel

A Shtreimel is the Jewish Fur hat that men wear. It is typically worn by Hasidic Jews

  1. Black Hat (Borsalino)

The black hat is commonly worn by Orthodox Jews. It could be called a Jewish Fedora.

  1. Tefillin

Black leather boxes and straps Jewish Men place on their arm and head during Prayer.

Jewish Clothing Stores

It really depends what you are trying to purchase.

There will be Jewish clothing stores that focus on modest swimwear for women.

And usually a completely seperate Jewish clothing store that focus on Mens Black Hats.

Why Don't Orthodox Jewish Women Wear Pants?

Jewish Women do not wear pants because of modesty reasons. In pants, they can often highlight a womens appearance and draw unnecessary attraction to her.

As it is a Commandment in The Torah, "Don't Stray After Your Heart and Eyes"

It is a sin if a women wears pants because she can be causing men to "Stray After Their Eyes"

There you have it!

What Jews wear and all the accessories that go with it.

Till next time.


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