Jewish Bris (Explained)


You have given birth to a baby boy!

If he is Jewish, he will receive a Brit Milah (Bris) when he turns 8 days old.

Allow us to explain this Jewish Commandment for you:

What is a Bris?

A Bris (called Brit Milah in Hebrew) is the circumcision of male foreskin.

The Bris is a joyous occasion and the Jewish family will likely host a celebration on the day of the Bris for friends of the community to come and celebrate.

Signifiance of a Bris

Brit Milah means 'the Covenant of Circumcision'

It is hugely signifiancant in Judaism as it represents a physical commitment that the Jewish male shall obey HaShems Commandments.

In Jewish History, Avraham was 99 Years Old when he was Commanded by G-d to give himself a Brit Milah.

Where is a Bris Ceremony?

The Bris will likely occur at the families household and sometimes it can be at the Local Synagogue.

As alluded to earlier, friends of the family will attend and celebrate the huge milestone for their son.

Who does the Bris?

The Bris is performed by a male Mohel.

There are women mohelets, however Orthodox Jews do not allow women to perform the role of a Brit Milah on a Jewish Male.

A Mohel can be a Rabbi, physician or any other job role.

Mohels are trained in the Jewish Law regarding Brit Milahs and also the surgical aspects of circumcision for a young male.

Does The Bris Hurt The Baby?

It's near impossible to answer this question.

As someone who has had a Bris myself, I don't recall the pain when I was 8 days old.

Nor do I have flashbacks of being in any form of severe pain.

Nor have I experienced any pain since the Bris.

Ultimately, Jews are Commanded By The Master Creator of The World to have a Brit Milah.

As Jews, we do not questions The Master Creator.

What is Metzitzah B'peh?

Metzitzah B'peh is a Jewish Custom where the Mohel sucks the blood from the circumcision with his mouth.

This is not practised amongst all Jews.

Most Jews receive a circumcision and do not suck the blood.

Metzitzah B'peh is mainly practised in Ultra-Orthodox Communities.

Do You Bring Gifts For A Bris?

It is not mandatory but it is nice to bring along a gift for the baby boy, yes.

There you have it!

The explanation behind The Jewish Bris.

To an outsider, it may seem strange but it is a very special moment for Jewish families.

Till next time!


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