Judaism Beliefs (Explained)

As an outsider, you may be curious to know why Jews have long sidelocks and wear a head covering.

Perhaps you are a Secular Jew, and want to understand more about the Core Beliefs of Judaism.

There are many different Jewish Beliefs so we figured we would pick and discuss the Core ones and branch out too.

Let's dive in:

1) Faith (Emunah)

Faith is translated as Emunah in Hebrew.

Emunah is the Core Belief in Judaism.

Because, it is easy to have Emunah and Belief in The Master of The Universe when everything is going well in your life.

But you must also still believe that G-d is There, even in the darkest of times.

This is a belief in Judaism that people can struggle with if things don't come easy for them during their lives.

However, in Judaism, it is crucially important to keep Faith in HaShem, even in those tough moments.

And regardless of how many tough moments you encounter, to keep faith that things will get better.

Needless to say how challenging this can be for someone who goes through tragedy after tragedy.

And collectively as a Jewish Nation, we have endured some extremely difficult moments.

However, it is in those moments where your Emunah is put to the test.

And one must also believe that HaShem is there, even when things are not going the way we hope for.

2) Not To Worship Idols

This Jewish Belief is important and one that can often be broken without realising.

For example, in Sports, how often do you hear people idolize players?

Or in Politics, idolizing World Leaders.

For Jews, sometimes it can be something obvious like this that can cloud their thinking.

However, it is a firm Jewish belief to not worship idols.

Of course, all Jews might not explicitly worship idols. Yet they might 'idolize' their favorite sports player.

So, it is a belief that is important to be aware of at all times.

3) There is only One G-d

This links to belief number two.

Jews believe that there is only One Master Creator of The World.

One Master who is everywhere.

Knows everything you think.

Knows everything you do.

Is the ultimate Judge when you go up to Heaven.

When Jews grasp the Power of The Creator, they act in a different way.

When you really think about G-d being everywhere and knowing everything, you carry yourself differently.

Because now, you understand that when you tell a white lie or conduct yourself unethically in business, your sins are recorded.

And when you understand that your sins are recorded, you act in an honest manor.

4) You Must Love G-d

For Jews, it is easy to love HaShem when everything is going good in your life.

Echoing the same sentiment in the 1st belief about Emunah (faith)

It is important to keep that same love for HaShem, regardless of what you might be going through

Even if you are going through some extremely difficult challenges, you must keep that same love for The Master Creator

Because nothing happens by chance.

Everything happens for a specific reason that only The Master Creator knows.

And it is a very important thing to be able to try find the lessons in all the times of struggles.

Also, in the times of pure joy.

5) You Must Fear G-d

When all is said and done, The Master Creator is the final Judge.

He will see everything you did.

How you acted.

How you carried yourself.

If you were truthful, faithful and honest to others.

When you sit down to absorb this, it makes you realise that you should only fear


No fellow human being controls your life.

G-d controls everything.

You, your surroundings, your enviroment and the entire World.

So, when you learn The Torah and you start to understand what G-d says you can and cannot do:

You must fear G-d

For He will know when you know something is right or wrong and whether or not you acted with bad intentions or not.

6) Do Not Stray After Your Heart and Eyes

This Jewish Belief is about not being seduced by immoral temptations.

When you walk on a beach, what do you see?

Women walking around half naked,

And Men fantasizing about seducing these half naked women.

The sad reality is:

Most of these people are married.

This is one example of many where it is important to control yourself.

Linking this to the previous beliefs mentioned, if you fear G-d and understand that He knows everything about you, then this will help you control your immoral thoughts and behaviours.

To those thinking it is no big deal to stray after your eyes and look at the beautiful girl in the bikini, remember that it is the casual interactions with men and women that lead to affairs.

No married individual sees someone and immediately thinks, 'I am going to have an affair with this person'

However, after conversations at work and a few drinks,

Suddenly you find yourself in a situation where you may ruin your 10 year marriage because you did not know how to set boundaries with yourself.

Straying after your heart is a deeper Jewish belief where you should not indulge in earthly pleasures for only the sake of personal enjoyment and zero positive intention.

For example, smoking cigarettes.

Smoking cigarettes is a personal pleasure for you but it holds no positive intention on strengthing your relationship with The Master of The Universe.

Other examples include: watching a TV Series or eating junk food.

The idea is, Jews should spend their time on earth getting as close to G-d as possible.

Jews believe in reincarnations and also once a Jewish Soul fufills it's life mission, to go and stay in The Garden of Eden.

There you have it!

Judaism beliefs explained.

Needless to say there are many, many more beliefs that can be discussed.

These are the Core Foundations and more can will be elaborated on as time passes.

Till next time!


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