Jewish Aliyah (Explained)

Do all Jews live in Israel?

How easy is it for Jews to live in Israel?

Let us explain to you the process of 'making Aliyah' for Jews to come back to their home, Israel.

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What is Aliyah?

Aliyah in English translates to "going up".

And Jews view making Aliyah to Israel the idea of going up to The Holy Land.

So Aliyah means Jews returning to The Land of Israel.

The Jewish history assosicated with Israel goes all The Way Back to The Sefar Torah.

In recent years, the first wave of Aliyah happened in the late 1800's and the sequences of events that happened since then meant that Israel was declared a Jewish State in 1948.

Since then, millions of Jews from all over The World have made Aliyah.

Aliyah Benefits

There are many benefits you will receive when making Aliyah to Israel.

The main benefit is financial assistance.

You will receive money and also other financial related things such as tax credits, rent deductions and even an Israeli sim card!

It is important to keep up to date with all the exact benefits that are provided with making Aliyah but the idea is to help you settle into The Land of Israel.

Making Aliyah with no money

Well, it is certainly possible to make Aliyah with no money.

That being said, the process usually takes around 3-6 months to make Aliyah to Israel as you need birth certificates + police checks etc.

So, it would sensible, if you know you are going to be making Aliyah to Israel, to start saving as much as you can in that time period before actually coming to Israel.

As mentioned earlier, you will receive financial assistance and it would also be a good idea to start looking for jobs to apply for before even coming to Israel. So, you can definitely make Aliyah to Israel with no money, but it would be sensible to try save up a few thousand dollars to help you settle in more easily.

That being said, there are many great organisations in Israel so if you want to make Aliyah to The Holy Land then you should not let money be a determining factor.

Making Aliyah with no job

This is a commonly difficult decision for most people to make...

Leaving their comfortable, secure job to come and try make a life for themselves in Israel.

Of course, the difficulty increases if they have a family to provide for.

Ultimately, Israel has tons of opportunity.

There are so many networking groups and new startups being formed so have faith and everything will unfold as planned.

How hard is it to make Aliyah?

Making Aliyah to Israel is no different to moving to a new country where you don't speak the language.

Except. In Israel, you receive so much support and also will have a lot of people who speak English and will want to help you.

But the difficulty of making Aliyah should not stop anyone from doing it. It enables you to grow and develop as a person and ultimately be where all Jews should be, in Israel.

There you have it!

Make Aliyah to Israel.

Come home!

See you soon.


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